D’Lux Dress Up

Dragon Condc one

dc twodcon threedcon fourdcon fivedcon six

Geek, Freak’s and Dress Up…Doesn’t get much better than this!!! And I say this will all the respect in the world and totally include myself in this statement.

Once a year the best dressed pop culture peeps strut their stuff at the Dragon Con Parade in ATL as part of their yearly gathering…this is a total must on your bucket list.

Although I have only attended the parade portion of this weekend long extravaganza I totally want in!!! I need to be part of this parade is some form or fashion next year so I am thinking about a developing a super hero story line around “The MuuMuu Hunter” and her adventures rescuing all the misunderstood MuuMuu’s in the world and then I can have The MuuMuu Hunter accompanied by her MuuMuu Mafia roller-skating in the parade…who is in????

I digress…

I wanted to showcase some of my favorites this year but was not able to edit that much so happy photo viewing.

The MuuMuu Hunter,



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