Cork Crush

cork beltcork bag

I am soooo triple hearting cork in a big way…

As most, the earliest memory I have of my fond friend cork started with my school days and bulletin boards, then progressed into adulthood with my love of red wine and then turned into a favorite flooring option with my obsession of mid-century modern design. I now find myself crushing on cork for an entire new reason…it’s called fashion. Cork is the MacGyver of trees…seriously!

As a veggie who is always challenged to find function and fashion in belts and bags I fell hard when I was introduced to Cliff Belts.

Veggie Friendly…CHECK

Treehugger Friendly…CHECK

Fashion Friendly…CHECK

This is what I would call not only a triple heart but a triple threat!

PS: Santa if you are reading this please note that I think I have been pretty good this year (or at least good enough to find a cork belt and bag under the tree). Here’s the web site to make it easy for you…

Crazy for Cork,


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