What list you ask?

Not the bucket,  grocery, or to do list…the only list that really matters this time of year…the Christmas List.

My pampered pooches, Darcy and Pippy, sent their list into Santa early. I am guessing they were getting a jump start as they are banking they have been more nice than naughty this year and wanted to ensure there was no miscommunication.

Thought I would share some their list…

The girls are basically allergic to rain, they are soooo not down with the go outside and get wet thing so it makes sense they are asking for this very practical rain coat with protective head gear from Skymall:

christmas list raincoat

Did I mention that these ladies are fashionistas? So it was no surprise that they asked for this super sweet hippie chic poncho from Growler Goods and luxe faux fur vests from Restoration Hardware:

Christmas List Poncho

Christmas List fur vest

Last but not least no push puppie dog Christmas list is complete with out a teepee from Growler Goods:

Christmas List Tipi

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas,


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