Thankful for…


my vision that allows me to admire blue skies, rainbows and read actual books.

my hearing so I am able to enjoy laughter, birds chirping, Metallica and Murder She Wrote.

my sense of smell so I can appreciate the scent of tomatoes on the vine, fresh-cut grass, dirt, the beach, star-gazer lilies, icing and grapefruit.

my heart so I can experience the love of my friends, family, Buddy, Darcy and Pippy.

my taste buds so I can enjoy the flavor of lemon zesty humus, olive oil, salted caramel anything, farmer’s market fresh veggies. Jenis ice cream and franks hot sauce.

my sense of adventure and love of travel that has kept things interesting, pushes me out of my comfort zone and has exposed me to people, places and experiences that have enhanced and changed my life.

the country I was lucky enough to be born in for my sense of security, freedom of speech and the right to vote.

What are you thankful for?


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