Happy Happy…

Daisy ThreeDaisy One

Happy 2015!!!

We at Style With No Regret are super excited to announce that we have a new addition to the team…Daisy, who also likes to go by her street name Crazy Daisy!

Crazy Daisy is an edgy, sassy and sweet gal that is 11 weeks old and already full of spunk, guts, and a zest for life that is contagious. I must mention that she already has a great jump-start on her sense of style that I would describe  as Tom Boy Boho Chic…she is already sporting a vintage snoopy t-shirt but still thinks her crocheted beret is a toy and not an accessory. Daisy trend sets in the pup world with her ombre hair color that goes from tan to white…

A bit more about Daisy…she is a Libra,she loves a good rope toy, she loves snuggling in luxe faux fur blankets when she isn’t following the team around learning the ropes here at SWNR.

Daisy’s in the House!


1 Comment

  1. Sara

    Honestly, she looks like a troublemaker.

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