Hall of Fame

Chris Owens HoF It was a Friday night and I slipped into a dream sequence that looked a bit like I entered an old school 1970’s VFW holiday party. The room was walled in a mix of wood panelling and mirrors and to fancy up the place the columns were wrapped in tinsel garland and holiday lights….Sweet! WAIT…WHAT THE WHAT…it wasn’t a dream sequence, in fact I was wide awake and just entered the most amazing Chris Owens Club off of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. We enter this fine establishment to watch a gentleman Reggie groove out to a mix of R&B, Soul and some Rock and Roll which was a good time and just like that it went from a good time to a great time. Enter stage left…an OTT wonder woman with long jet black hair, a sequined leotard, fish net stockings and bedazzled heels not to mention with the energy level and moves of a 20-year-old… Three Occupations: 1) Performer   2) Club Owner   3) Big Easy Icon Two Numbers that equal one spectacular age: 82 years old One Phrase that captures it all: Style With No Regret Congratulations to Chris Owens for being the super fab lady she is and welcome to the Style With No Regret Hall of Fame!!!! Power to the People, JSY

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