Plant Power

succ one

succ three

succ two

Get your green thumb groove on and bring a bit of the outside in with the trusted house plant.

I am a firm believer that a house is not a home until you fill it with plants…and lots of them!

And why not?


  • act as your very own oxygen bar. aka:Mother Nature’s air purifier
  • are any decor dilemma’s easy quick fix by filling in that awkward space that you struggle with
  • add color, texture and dimension to your home
  • are good listeners and don’t judge
  • make you happy…true fact

If the pressure of having a successful green thumb freaks you out, no worries….the very trend right succulent is your gateway houseplant.

They bring it all…unique personality, color, texture, architectural elements and the low maintenance factor.

Here are few of my latest creations…my vintage pottery collection has found its perfect plant companion at last!

Happy Gardening,


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