The Outlet of ALL Outlets


goodwill outlet clothes

goodwill goods

Just when I thought Goodwill couldn’t get any better…IT DID!!!

To my delight I was introduced to the Goodwill Outlet. Yes you read that right…the Outlet for Goodwill. When things don’t sell at you local Goodwill they make it to the outlet for one last chance to find its perfect home.

Going to the outlet is no joke…there are rules and regs that must be followed.

First…you need to do some serious stretching prior to entering to ensure you are limber for your hunt, I prefer lunges.

Second…gloves are a must!

Third…there are large bins filled with stuff and the bins are frequently switched out. When the official switch out happens the floor is cleared, shoppers need to stand on the opposite side of the room and only when the staff announces the floor is open can you go back to the hunt.

Fourth…you pay by the pound.

I am sure you are wondering what kind of treasures are really to be found since all these goods have already had their time to shine at its local Goodwill? Well let me show you some of my most recent finds…

From a fashion POV I totally scored with these wide leg lion pants and this black satin puffy metallic cuffed roller skating jacket.

Some of my other finds are the must have Chihuahua sign, vintage Tupperware (for storing bits and pieces for all my random projects), a metal enamel tray handmade in Pasadena, California and the gorgeous and colorful embroidered fabric panels. I had a few more items not featured and my grand total was $19…SCORE!!!!

Goodwill Hunting Forever,


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  1. Love the tray. It takes a special person to wear those lion pants – kudos, Jenny!

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