May MuuMuu of the Month

muumuu one

MuuMuu four

May’s MuuMuu of the Month ended up having a bit of an international transportation flair.

First stop was India and the transportation flair was the super sassy tuk tuk. The tuk tuk is a personal favorite of mine and one day would love to have one of these small three wheelers to get around town. Talk about style…the beauty of these is that everyone personalizes and heavily decorates them with a variety of colors, flowers, streamers, tassels and glitz and glam…totally accessorizing a motor vehicle is right up my alley!

Vietnam was the second stop and was all about the go to get around vehicle…the Scooter. I must say it is incredibly impressive the amount of people who can fit on one scooter, the balance required and not to mention the various items from the small to the large that are transported on these motorbikes.

Beep Beep.


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