Karigari Show & Tell


barclet two

The self-control I demonstrated during my stop and shop at the Delhi jewelry extravaganza Karigari was impressive since accessories are my kryptonite!

With that said I could not resist these two pieces….

The first was an accessory first for me…the waist belt.

What is a waist belt you ask? I asked the same question as I never have seen or heard of this bejeweled beauty. This is a perfect combo platter of where fashion meets function as this ornate strip sits on the waist to not only decorate but also help hold your sari in place and is worn by classical dancers to brides to Bollywood stars.

My second accessory acquisition was a bangle.The bangle is a signature purchase that must be made when visiting India and if you can acquire a stack even better. So here is my bangle purchase…love!!!



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