Super Hero Status

advanced oneadvanced two Style With No Regret is a mission statement, motto, bumper sticker, call to action and rallying cry to embrace and celebrate your unique style.

I was in total awe after watching the documentary Advanced Style…I found my people, kindred spirits for sure!!! The words that were flooding my thought bubble looked something like this…awesome, amazing, fearless, bold, brave, sweet, unique, magnificent, incredible and refreshing!!!!

If Style With No Regret had a Super Hero Squad these ladies would for sure be found comparing acts of living life to its fullest while kicking ass at the Hall of Justice.

Who are these people you ask? They are the super fab older women that Ari Seth Cohen showcase and celebrate through his triple threat of film, book and blog. I highly recommend all three starting first with the film, following up with the book and the blog for daily inspiration. So many wise words and life lessons to be learned from these wonderful women.

Some of my favorite quotes from the film:

“I never wanted to look young. I wanted to look great”

“Accept ones self”

“Living a creative full life”

Check out the awesomeness…

In Training,


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