MuuMuu of the Month..127 Style



August’s MuuMuu of the Month was on the move on the amazing annual adventure…The 127!!!

690 miles of yard sales…that’s right the World’s Longest Yard Sale which is held on route 127 from Alabama to Michigan every August.

Over the past few years in some form or fashion I have shopped Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. Which means next year I really need to go north and hit up Michigan and Ohio to see what treasures are to be had. This years strategy was to focus on Tennessee and use Crossville as our home base, which worked out perfectly!

We were off for a 3 day adventure that would bring us treasures we were looking for and ones we never knew we needed, we met really good, fun, amazing people, had the perfect soundtrack for the trip provided by the 70’s station and last but not least had the must road trip meal at Cracker Barrel…I love their pancakes!!!

So the next few posts will be my show and tell of the 127.

356 days until the games begin again,


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