The First’s of the First

first onefirst three

As promised I would have a few (or more) Show and Tell’s from the 127.

So my first share is my first’s of the first day…

#1 These lovely ladies were the first of the many great, fun, interesting peeps we met along the way.

#1 My first purchase were these two purses at one of my regular stops on Signal Mountain, TN…total bill $3!!!

#1 My first act of self-control by not buying this amazing chair…still have a tinge of non buyers remorse.

#1 “Beauty Pageant Creations” vintage kitten heels were my first gold purchase…many more were about to happened over the next few days.

# 1 The first time on the trip I inquired about a vehicle purchase…this 1973 GMC motor home was one super rad ride!!!

and last but not least…

#1 The first blast from the past item…Hello, old friend Merlin.

Happy Friday,



  1. Love that motor home and you should have bought that chair!….You look great sitting in it.

  2. SheryL♥

    Hi! Thanks for the follow! Beautiful blog! 🙂

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