Arts & Crafts on the 127

love string artGeo String art70s craft

Way before there was Pinterest there was the Classic Craft Kit…idea, inspiration, instruction and supplies all packaged together for a home decor project that could be compete in just a few short hours!

From String, Sand and Gravel Art to my personal favorite Macrame…it all could be found on the 127 in some form or fashion.

There was absolutely no question that the Macrame Christmas Tree was coming home with me and the Gravel Art Butterflies were almost coming home with me as well but I again demonstrated serious self-restraint and left them and the rest of these treasures to be had by others.

The only oldies but goodies that were missing from this unofficial craft kit scavenger hunt was a Color by Numbers masterpiece and a Latch Hook tapestry. The good news to report is just last week I was in Michael’s and they do carry latch hook kits and have a rainbow with a sun and a heart kit…perfection!!!

Crazy for the Crafts,


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