Walking Art

BF Two

This canvas art is not stretched, framed and hung on the wall but formed and fitted to your feet for everyday enjoyment…true wearable art.

These canvas creations come from BucketFeet, a start-up company that was the brilliant concept of two backpackers who wanted to feature artists from around the world. All the shoes are designed by emerging artists and give these talents a platform to showcase their work in a very fashion and very cool way!

Okay so now that I was totally sold on the concept the next question was what pair becomes my first?  So many groovy designs how does a girl even choose? But as soon as I laid my eyes on the “Wild” slip on’s it was click to cart and purchase in an instant!

The Wild design is a creation by Kelsey Archilla a self-taught painter and doodler from Long Island.

I’m glad to report not only do they look amazing they are also crazy comfy.

Check out both BucketFeet and Kelsey at the below sites:



To quote the BucketFeet Box…”We Believe Art Is For Everyone”.


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