Hall of Fame Inductee


Style With No Regret is a mission statement, motto, bumper sticker, words to live by, call to action and rallying cry to embrace and celebrate your own unique style. And to be clear when we talk style we mean both style inside and out.

So it wasn’t a hard call on who would be the next inductee to the Style With No Regret’s Hall of Fame.

Drum roll please…we at SWNR are excited and honored to announce the induction of the Super Fab Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi has always been a true unique individual from when she hit the scene in the 80’s and has never stopped!

Her amazing style has been and continues to be demonstrated through her punk funk rock & roll fashion sensibility, incredible music career, tv and film work, her more recent addition of author status and last but for sure not least her most spectacular social activism spirit as an active passionate advocate for equality.

Fun facts about Cyndi:

  • She co-founded True Colors, an organization working to end homelessness for the LGBT youth and creating a world where young people can be their true selves.
  • she appeared on the 1st ever WrestleMania
  • she played herself on The Simpsons
  • she has “GET” status (a Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award winner)

Go Girl!


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