Journal Obsessed


I’m not sure when it first started but I am pretty certain it’s been an under current in my core being for quite a bit of time. My obsession with journals, note books, sketch books (really any bound book of blank paper that I can add my doodles, tear sheets, to do lists and thoughts to) is evident based on my stock pile or what I like to call my reserve that are just waiting for its turn to make it in my current rotation. My inventory ranges from sewn to spiral to perfect bound and from cover designs ranging from geometric metallics, skulls, vintage fabric wrapped and inspirational and call to action sayings.

So you can only imagine my total delight and excitement when I received these latest and greatest to add to my journal situation…I couldn’t help myself and had to immediately get one of these right in the swing of things and I am happy to report is in full use!

This three book collection is so clever cool based on vintage McCall’s sewing patterns.

A recipe of all good things… Journal + Vintage Inspired + Fashion= Awesomeness!

Write On!

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