Retro Mod Metallic Cool

Aluminum Dress

Aluminum foil was all the rage in the 1960’s and not just for left overs!

This magical metallic material was used in many ways far away from the kitchen that ranged from craft projects, to decorative pieces for the home to a shiny alternative to wrapping paper…it even made its way into the fashion world in a very mod squad james bond way!

Alcoa Aluminum launched the Dazzler disposable dress that could be yours for a mere $3.50 and with a pair of scissors and one swift cut the Dazzler could be quickly converted from a mid length to mini just like that!

I was a lucky duck and found my very own Beau Monde foil dress last month at the Brimfield Antique Show. I am still on the hunt for more info around these dresses so if you are in the know please share…

Happy Shiny Fashion,


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  1. Sue Troxel

    I guess you can keep your left overs in this too. Craigie

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