The Modern Charmer



What’s old is new, then old again, then new again and so on and so on….

Charm bracelets go way back… according to Wikipedia soooo way back we are talking 600-400BC….serious staying power to say the least!

For the sake of a short but sweet walk down memory lane we’ll fast forward to the 1800’s when Queen Victoria was the trendsetter with the noble scene then followed by Tiffany and Co. in 1889 launching their first charm bracelet with their iconic heart charm. They even had holding power through the difficult times of both the Great Depression and World War II. The teen scene rallied around the charm bracelet in the 1950’s and 1960’s and here we are today!

I received my very own bracelet as a tween to fill up and by the looks of it I didn’t make it very far with a whopping 5 charms to really showcase my interests and memories. Based on my vast charm collection you can see somethings never change like my love of the arts and travel yet somethings never made it past that point in time like the fact that I actually played organized sports…what????

Over the years this oldy but goody has rallied and come back strong in several different versions. My favorite modern day twist is hands down by Alex and Ani. What’s not to love about this company…made in the USA, made of recycled materials, giving back and working to spread positive energy!!!

I recently received my very first Alex and Ani bracelet…the Unicorn! The Unicorn is part of their Charity By Design program that donates 20% of the proceeds of the bracelet to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Bring on the Charm!








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