Tell Me a Story


The story 1I am that girl 1

Once upon a time a fresh new shop opened up in the Chelsea hood of NYC with a super cool and ever-changing approach where they totally reinvent their gig from the theme to the product and even how the store looks every 4-8 weeks…brilliant!  It’s called The Story.

The story that was being told during my recent visit was the “F Word”…and not that F word but the Feminism F word. The focused headlines throughout the space were all so meaningful and so well done but the Feeling Confident story line spoke to me and drew me in. This is where I was introduced to the movement “I Am that Girl” which is all about inspiring girls to love, express and be exactly who they are….LOVE!!!!!

In support of all of these amazing efforts I’m sporting my I AM That Girl performance pants by Zara Terez…the message is loud and proud and spelled out all over these pants!

Check out both The Story and I Am That Girl…



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