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recent reads style

I am one who goes through phases of reading books. During my book club days I was rallying for a magazine club for those limited attention span peeps…I thought this was a brilliant idea but I had no takers.

When I am in a “reading phase” I tend to lean towards books about music, fashion, biographies and a good crime/ mystery that I am pretty sure stems from all of the Scooby Doo watching I did back in the day.

So I have been in a pretty good run of a reading phase and wanted to share some of my recent reads which all happen to be style related.

Fear and Clothing is about one woman’s journey through the cornucopia of style through the US during her travels.

Brooklyn Street Style is all things style in Brooklyn with a really great resource guide of the neighborhoods and the must stop shops. The paper and photography of this book are also quiet delightful!

70’s Fashion Fiascos I firmly believe is miss named…it should be 70’s Fashion Fabulousness!!! Great examples of what I love about the fashion of that decade…with the exception of some of the creepy guy pant suits.

Happy Reading,


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