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Bringing Back the Brooch


I always fall for the gorgeous brooches during my treasure hunting adventures but then I end up talking myself out of bringing them home knowing I am not really a brooch wearing gal.

Well guess what??? New day…New dawn!

In fact I am a brooch wearing gal…just in a modified way. In a statement necklace kind of way.

Here is my latest fashion DIY project. Take one spectacular brooch and one complimentary necklace and you have just created a unique one of a kind “So You” statement necklace.






Show & Tell…Day Two of the 127

And the epic adventure continues…

Day Two…Crossville, TN to Frankfort, KY

First stop of the day was a good one…


I Love Love!


An all time favorite stop…what will a girl find?


Glassware is what a girl will find…


Check in tomorrow for the third and final day of the 2017 127 Adventure.




Classic or Kitsch???



Classic or Kitsch???

During these times of great debate and divide I truly believe we can all agree that there is no question here…this pink birds of happiness are Classic Cool!

In 1957 Don Featherstone designed these perfectly pink yard birds for Union Products. So recognized as an iconic thread of our pop culture Don won the Nobel Prize for Art in 1996 for his fine feathered friends.

This warm weather girl needs a little encouragement as we enter the next few months of cooler weather so I got myself my very own pair of Flamingos, found them a good home in a few house plants and just like that I am back in my tropical mindset!

Pop Art Proud,