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Pattern Palooza

PP 1

PP 2

These are the patterns and prints that didn’t come home with me from Brimfield but still inspired me. Shocking, I know but even this more is more girl couldn’t bring home anymore!

As they famously say a picture says a thousand words, so here are 9,000 words.

So much pattern…so much inspiration…so much to share…so here goes!

incredibly inspired,



Flower Power…

FP 1

FP 2

Kapow!!!  That’s the sound of Flower Power with a Punch…

This Flower Power Punch I speak of is not a refreshment nor is it your soft dainty floral frock where you have visions of proper ladies lunching at a garden party but more of a rowdy Andy Warhol crowd at an amplified pop art gallery opening.

I am sooo crazy in love with my vintage Neiman Marcus palazzo pants from my must stop shop, Swift and Faire, at the fashion tent during the Brimfield show. These crazy cool ladies always have an amazing curated collection of must have’s and these were for sure one of them this round!

Follow them on Instagram #swiftandfaire

Super Pumped,




smashing success…

okay…so I know it’s still early to call it but I must say switching up how we “do” Brimfield this time is tracking to be pretty fantastic!

Coming in early for the very curated very delightful textile show was a huge win. It had a slightly different vibe than the fields that open up tomorrow but still a great time with treasures to be found in both goods and in people (which is one of my all time favorite things about this show). We also had a chance to hit up some of the local shops as well as exploring nearby towns.

Field Dreamer,



Laurel Canyon Vibe




My fashion roots lie firmly in the 60’s and 70’s but when it comes to the summer loving time of year I lean HEAVY into the super groovy 1970’s style..which I like to call my Laurel Canyon vibe,where hippie meets beach bum with a decent amount of rock and roll for good measure!

The vibe looks something like this…macrame accessories, large hoop earrings, oversized sunglasses, halter top, chunky cork or wood platform shoes and a perfectly worn in pair of jeans.

What I really needed in order to complete the perfect Laurel Canyon vibe was a pair of patch covered jeans. So two plus years, many patches and many sewing mishaps later I would like to debut my latest and greatest project…

Peace. Love and Patches,


Recent Reads…

recent reads style

I am one who goes through phases of reading books. During my book club days I was rallying for a magazine club for those limited attention span peeps…I thought this was a brilliant idea but I had no takers.

When I am in a “reading phase” I tend to lean towards books about music, fashion, biographies and a good crime/ mystery that I am pretty sure stems from all of the Scooby Doo watching I did back in the day.

So I have been in a pretty good run of a reading phase and wanted to share some of my recent reads which all happen to be style related.

Fear and Clothing is about one woman’s journey through the cornucopia of style through the US during her travels.

Brooklyn Street Style is all things style in Brooklyn with a really great resource guide of the neighborhoods and the must stop shops. The paper and photography of this book are also quiet delightful!

70’s Fashion Fiascos I firmly believe is miss named…it should be 70’s Fashion Fabulousness!!! Great examples of what I love about the fashion of that decade…with the exception of some of the creepy guy pant suits.

Happy Reading,


Tiki Tuesday




Tiki style is not just exclusively for the tiki room anymore…

So with that said this week we move out of the tiki room and head to one of my most favorite spots in the house…the sun porch. This space is truly the perfect place that brings all of the best things of the outside world with the comforts of inside living.

The vibe is goes something like this…World Beat meets Threes’s Company with a dash of Mid-Century and the proper measurement of pure Tiki…a magical fusion if I must say so myself!





MuuMuu Mash-Up



When great things come together they become AMAZING!!!

No different than when peanut butter & chocolate got together and created the perfect combo platter of the peanut butter cup…is what happened just last weekend when MuuMuu of the Month magically collided with the World’s Longest Yard Sale.

This is my fifth year partaking in the reindeer games of the 127 (aka longest yard sale). Every year there is a different approach ranging from the crew, the states covered, what  off shoot road trips to make and last but not least the bounty that comes home with me. And no different than the previous 4 years this year took a new twist…instead of shopping the 127 I reversed the dynamic and took my Style With No Regret wares to set up shop on Signal Mountain…it was a blast!

MuuMuu Magic,




Tiki Tuesday


I have always had a special place in my heart for all things tiki that started at a young age when my grandparents would take me to the Tiki Club (which was their community pool) and continues to this day. The occasional umbrella in my drink grew to a whimsical hula girl for my desk to the ever growing and curated Tiki Room.

To celebrate Tiki Tuesday here are a few snaps from our most current Tiki Room.



MuuMuu of the Month




Stunning, Magical, Magnificent…June brings me to one of my most favorite places on the planet.

If I had to guess based on some rough math I would say that I have crossed this golden icon over 800 times and swear the view never gets old! Each and every time it’s a stop, drop and awe moment that still puts a gigantic smile on my face.

Peace, Love and Happiness,