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Tree Art




Surprise and Delight…that’s what happens when Art and Mother Nature collide.

I was minding my own business driving home the other day and as I passed a local town square park I came upon such joy and magic that presented itself in the form of crocheted and knitted covered trees…yes, you read that right.

This was a definite stop, park and check out situation!

So this was what I found out…in honor of National Arts & Humanities month (which was in October) there was a nation wide public art installation celebration to bring awareness of the importance of the arts in our community. This absolutely amazing art that I had the privilege of encountering was created by the Atlanta-based group of knitters and crocheters The Knitterati.

Art is for everyone and everywhere,





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Often the question comes up of how and where do I get inspired from a design perspective…

For me it’s simply that I get out there with me eyes wide open no matter where I am with ferocious curiosity. I look up, look down, open doors, ask questions and go into corner’s (you never know what you might miss otherwise) of wherever my adventure might take me. Those adventures are sometimes a hike out in the wonderful world of Mother Nature, exploring a city and all it has to offer, rummaging through a flea market or in this case an amazing visit to Palm Springs.

Palm Springs for me was an EPIC ULTRA hotbed for all things design and inspiration…here is my Show & Tell.

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Getting Reflective

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Mirror mirror on the wall…oops I mean mirror mirror on the entire house inside and out. True fact and not a typo!

Art is alive in the desert and man do I love art that invites you to participate in all its glory and splendor. Entering this reflective ranch was as if I was dropped into a gigantic kaleidoscope…magical!

This architectural installation, Mirage, by Doug Aitken was part of the Desert X Exhibition and will remains until October 31st, 2017. A for sure must see if you find yourself anywhere near the Palm Springs area.

Check out the below link for more about Mirage.




Pattern Palooza

PP 1

PP 2

These are the patterns and prints that didn’t come home with me from Brimfield but still inspired me. Shocking, I know but even this more is more girl couldn’t bring home anymore!

As they famously say a picture says a thousand words, so here are 9,000 words.

So much pattern…so much inspiration…so much to share…so here goes!

incredibly inspired,



Classic or Kitsch???



Classic or Kitsch???

During these times of great debate and divide I truly believe we can all agree that there is no question here…this pink birds of happiness are Classic Cool!

In 1957 Don Featherstone designed these perfectly pink yard birds for Union Products. So recognized as an iconic thread of our pop culture Don won the Nobel Prize for Art in 1996 for his fine feathered friends.

This warm weather girl needs a little encouragement as we enter the next few months of cooler weather so I got myself my very own pair of Flamingos, found them a good home in a few house plants and just like that I am back in my tropical mindset!

Pop Art Proud,




Street Art…Tulum Edition





street art one.jpg

okay so maybe it’s not a city street and more of a jungle road…

and maybe these aren’t city blocks filled with skyscrapers but wondering paths of sand and driftwood…

but this is art and street art is art…

and this art comes to you from the in the tropical town of Tulum.

street smart,


Walking Art

BF Two

This canvas art is not stretched, framed and hung on the wall but formed and fitted to your feet for everyday enjoyment…true wearable art.

These canvas creations come from BucketFeet, a start-up company that was the brilliant concept of two backpackers who wanted to feature artists from around the world. All the shoes are designed by emerging artists and give these talents a platform to showcase their work in a very fashion and very cool way!

Okay so now that I was totally sold on the concept the next question was what pair becomes my first?  So many groovy designs how does a girl even choose? But as soon as I laid my eyes on the “Wild” slip on’s it was click to cart and purchase in an instant!

The Wild design is a creation by Kelsey Archilla a self-taught painter and doodler from Long Island.

I’m glad to report not only do they look amazing they are also crazy comfy.

Check out both BucketFeet and Kelsey at the below sites:



To quote the BucketFeet Box…”We Believe Art Is For Everyone”.