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Pattern Palooza

PP 1

PP 2

These are the patterns and prints that didn’t come home with me from Brimfield but still inspired me. Shocking, I know but even this more is more girl couldn’t bring home anymore!

As they famously say a picture says a thousand words, so here are 9,000 words.

So much pattern…so much inspiration…so much to share…so here goes!

incredibly inspired,



The Brimfield Runway Continues…

The music is on full blast…Donna Summer is belting out Last Dance…the lights are dimmed and there’s a slight strobe effect…there is only one possible place you could be other than the famed Studio 54…the finale of the Style With No Regret Brimfield Fashion Show & Tell.


Loving my new velveteen blown out psychedelic paisley jumpsuit.


Getting my folkloric groove on in this capped sleeve hippie top.


What creature could this super fab statement piece be…Crow? Otter????

Catwalk Crazed,


Brimfield Runway





Fashions straight from the runway, aka fields, of the Brimfield Antique Show…

I am still wearing my way through all of the amazing super groovy tops, frocks and jumpsuits I picked up at this show but I could not resist to start sharing a few I’ve already taken to the streets.

One of my favorite go to casual get ups is a tank top paired with perfectly worn jeans and a vintage 1960/70’s mens shirt. The colors and pattern of this was truly made for me!

Psychedelic patterns done in bold bright colors is my total jam so no big surprise on these other wonders of the world.

And last but clearly not least are these showstopper flower power palazzo pants circa 1970.

Go Bold or Go Home,




The MuuMuu Hunter Strikes Again




I went…I saw…I conquered.

That pretty much summarizes my recent trip to the Brimfield Antique show a few weeks ago in 6 words!

Here are a few of the muumuu’s that crossed my path during this great adventure. Can’t wait to share the prized pieces that came home with me throughout the year.

MuuMuu Magic,




April Showers…

Aoril Showers 1

April Showers2

April showers 3

April Showers bring May Flowers and not just in the garden but also by way of these happy sweet optimistic yarn art masterpieces.

I am a super fan of all fibers arts…macrame, latch hook, crochet, needlepoint, string art and yarn art…you name the fiber art and I love it!

Something else I also love is the idea of how someone took the time and effort to craft, frame and decorate their homes with these fantastical fiber works of art. When I come upon one of these treasures I always try to imagine who made it and what’s the story behind it. Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to actually get the background on the piece like I did with the top photo which is my latest score from Brimfield. I bought it from a really cool cat Charlie whose wife Cindy made this back in 1974 when they were in college at Millersville University and now it’s mine to continue the story…

Flower Power,






It got real…real fast



And when I say real I mean REAL and when I say real fast I mean and to be more REAL FAST!!!

What got real and how fast is fast you ask?

The real is the Brimfield Antique Show with me shopping for vintage treasures to fill my closet and the real fast was the less than 20 minutes it took before I hit my first big jackpot of a few vintage tops, frocks and palazzo pants!

This is one of the top events that is a must for us every year and I thought the best way to express why would be in true David Letterman style. So here goes…

Top Ten Reason to attend the Brimfield Antique Show

10. the thrill of a treasure hunt

9. a great excuse for a weekend away in an amazing part of the country

8. worlds best french fries and delicious strawberry shortcake and doughnuts

7. the perfect combo of outside time and shopping time

6. vintage jewelry, handbags, sunglasses and clothes

5. amazing muumuu hunting

4. great venue to sport a fanny pack

3. meeting and connecting with great people

2. design inspiration everywhere

1. did I mention vintage jewelry, handbags, sunglasses and clothes

I was so busy hunting through all of the treasures, chatting with both new and old friends  and taking all of the amazingness in that I slacked on the photo taking but will share what I did capture on this wonderful excursion.

See you in September Brimfield,