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May MuuMuu of the Month


So there…April showers totally delivered on May flowers in more ways than one!!!

Not only did these happy California poppies come out and play so did this fantastic vintage Lilly Pulitzer floral frock.

Happy May,



MuuMuu of the Month…Made in Mexico




Doesn’t get much better than this…wake up in the magical Mayan town of Tulum, have a wonderful breakfast on the beach, take a leisurely morning bike ride and come upon a shop tucked into the jungle in a shipping container called La Troupe that has some amazings MuuMuus…Life is good! Correction Life is Amazing!!!

I quickly realize not only am I in one of the most magical places on the planet I am also in the muumuu mecca of North America. Truly everywhere I look there are muumuus…I thought at first maybe they were all a mirage but in fact they were the real deal.

I fell hard for this beautiful cotton gauzy number. I know neutral in color and no print…what??? But the material,the cut and the subtle details sold me!

This sweet shop La Troupe was started by 3 friends from Argentina who were up for a new adventure in Mexico. They have a healthy respect for the planet in all they do and believe in keeping things very local with all pieces being made in and by local Mayan communities.

If you find yourself in Tulum or Playa Del Carmen this is a must stop for a quick shop. Until then check them out on http://www.latroupe.com.mx

The photos were all taken at Casa Malca which was also an amazing place to reisde during out time in Tulum.

The last photo is my personal protest of not wanting the leave…

MuuMuu in Mexico with Love,





The MuuMuu Hunter visits Petaluma

MMHunter 1



As an extremely passionate results driven MuuMuu Hunter a must stop whenever in the Bay Area is Chick-A-Boom Vintage. Chick-A-Boom is a super fab shop that always delivers on the promise of having a blast going through the racks of all things vintage, playing dress up and then making the hard but necessary final cuts that will go home with me!

Here are a few of the treasures I tried on…any guesses on what is now hanging in my closet?

PS…although not a MuuMuu this super mod sassiness wide wale corduroy shorts jumpsuit came home with me!

Eye of the Tiger,



Macrame Madness



It’s that time of the year where I am summer dreaming…but sun drenched days, a totally chill vibe and beachside bathing is not all a girl dreams about. What else you ask??? What she is going to wear durning the best season of the year!!!

The optimistic yet chill vibe of summer brings out of my all time fav looks…first is the bold and bright Palm Springs esque look grounded in a pattern palooza of bright colors, oversized sunglasses, a statement bag with a splash of terry cloth and a muumuu for good measure.

The alter ego to my Palm Springs style is another one of my all time go to looks…the Laurel Canyon Boho vibe which is solidly achieved by throwing on a floppy hat, oversized sunglasses, batik and hand printed anything, simple sandal’s and  a macrame accessory to top it off!

Don’t be fooled macrame is not only for amazing wall art owls or functional yet fashionable hanging plant holders…it is for accessories as well!

My show and tell today are of two of my most recent macrame acquisitions that can support both of my go to summer looks…

Mad for Macrame,



Walking Art

BF Two

This canvas art is not stretched, framed and hung on the wall but formed and fitted to your feet for everyday enjoyment…true wearable art.

These canvas creations come from BucketFeet, a start-up company that was the brilliant concept of two backpackers who wanted to feature artists from around the world. All the shoes are designed by emerging artists and give these talents a platform to showcase their work in a very fashion and very cool way!

Okay so now that I was totally sold on the concept the next question was what pair becomes my first?  So many groovy designs how does a girl even choose? But as soon as I laid my eyes on the “Wild” slip on’s it was click to cart and purchase in an instant!

The Wild design is a creation by Kelsey Archilla a self-taught painter and doodler from Long Island.

I’m glad to report not only do they look amazing they are also crazy comfy.

Check out both BucketFeet and Kelsey at the below sites:



To quote the BucketFeet Box…”We Believe Art Is For Everyone”.