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Bringing Back the Brooch


I always fall for the gorgeous brooches during my treasure hunting adventures but then I end up talking myself out of bringing them home knowing I am not really a brooch wearing gal.

Well guess what??? New day…New dawn!

In fact I am a brooch wearing gal…just in a modified way. In a statement necklace kind of way.

Here is my latest fashion DIY project. Take one spectacular brooch and one complimentary necklace and you have just created a unique one of a kind “So You” statement necklace.






When in doubt…

boots one

boots in texas


When in doubt paint it gold…words I live by!

From jeans to a bedroom dresser, to trees stumps or a pair of boots nothing is really off-limits to this golden rule.

With a can of spray paint and a few coats of this metallic magic these cowboy boots go from Plain Jane to Hello Sunshine!

These newly painted beauties made their debut during my recent trip to San Antonio with rave reviews!

Go Gold or Go Home,