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Show & Tell…Day Two of the 127

And the epic adventure continues…

Day Two…Crossville, TN to Frankfort, KY

First stop of the day was a good one…


I Love Love!


An all time favorite stop…what will a girl find?


Glassware is what a girl will find…


Check in tomorrow for the third and final day of the 2017 127 Adventure.




Field of Dreams…

Today was the opening day at Brimfield and man did I get my game on! I was locked and loaded with my fanny pack, comfy boots and the will for treasure!

7 hours, 3 disco shirts, 2 dresses, 2 patches and a bounty of jewelry later I find myself wiped out and ready of bed!

Nite Nite,


smashing success…

okay…so I know it’s still early to call it but I must say switching up how we “do” Brimfield this time is tracking to be pretty fantastic!

Coming in early for the very curated very delightful textile show was a huge win. It had a slightly different vibe than the fields that open up tomorrow but still a great time with treasures to be found in both goods and in people (which is one of my all time favorite things about this show). We also had a chance to hit up some of the local shops as well as exploring nearby towns.

Field Dreamer,



MuuMuu of the Month




Stunning, Magical, Magnificent…June brings me to one of my most favorite places on the planet.

If I had to guess based on some rough math I would say that I have crossed this golden icon over 800 times and swear the view never gets old! Each and every time it’s a stop, drop and awe moment that still puts a gigantic smile on my face.

Peace, Love and Happiness,



When in doubt…

boots one

boots in texas


When in doubt paint it gold…words I live by!

From jeans to a bedroom dresser, to trees stumps or a pair of boots nothing is really off-limits to this golden rule.

With a can of spray paint and a few coats of this metallic magic these cowboy boots go from Plain Jane to Hello Sunshine!

These newly painted beauties made their debut during my recent trip to San Antonio with rave reviews!

Go Gold or Go Home,