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Bringing Back the Brooch


I always fall for the gorgeous brooches during my treasure hunting adventures but then I end up talking myself out of bringing them home knowing I am not really a brooch wearing gal.

Well guess what??? New day…New dawn!

In fact I am a brooch wearing gal…just in a modified way. In a statement necklace kind of way.

Here is my latest fashion DIY project. Take one spectacular brooch and one complimentary necklace and you have just created a unique one of a kind “So You” statement necklace.






Stackem’ High…

stack em high

stacek em high part two

This is a perfect example of where more is truly more…

I clearly haven’t met a wood or brass bangle I haven’t loved and I think it is pretty evident by the photos above.

The go-to summertime and travel accessory. I love stacking them as high as I they can go up my arm…the only down side is sounding like a clanky wind chime as you walk down the street or through the office. I guess a better way of looking at that is I come with my own accessory soundtrack…

How high can I go?


Dear Santa,


All I want for Christmas is this super fab fantasy gift from Neiman Marcus. I couldn’t even believe what I was hearing when I first heard about this gift and them when I actually saw it with my own eyes my heart skipped a beat…an Ikat fabric covered treasure trunk filled with 200 pieces of jewelry and accessories from Iris Apfel…WHAT!!!! If that wasn’t amazing enough it also comes with a personal styling session and lunch with the rare bird herself!

I swear I have been good this year!!!!

Pretty Please,