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Happy Earth Day


It’s her day so go out there and celebrate and show your appreciation…hug a tree, take a walk in the woods or find the perfect place to frolic in a field of flowers! ┬áThe her I speak of is one of my all time favorite bad asses…Mother Nature!

Take Good Care of Her,

Everyday is Earth Day,


Tree Art




Surprise and Delight…that’s what happens when Art and Mother Nature collide.

I was minding my own business driving home the other day and as I passed a local town square park I came upon such joy and magic that presented itself in the form of crocheted and knitted covered trees…yes, you read that right.

This was a definite stop, park and check out situation!

So this was what I found out…in honor of National Arts & Humanities month (which was in October) there was a nation wide public art installation celebration to bring awareness of the importance of the arts in our community. This absolutely amazing art that I had the privilege of encountering was created by the Atlanta-based group of knitters and crocheters The Knitterati.

Art is for everyone and everywhere,





when in doubt…

paint it gold!!!

set of stumpsstarterstumpstumpwithcoffee

As a card carrying tree hugger member the thought of cutting down a tree even if deemed “necessary” hurts my heart. So when one of our backyard beauties needed to come down I took matters into my own hands to celebrate this woodland wonder. We saved five pieces that would work perfect as a casual seating area out in the wooded yard…or as a dog obstacle course which is how it is often used. This new little set up still needed something…it had the rustic vibe going on but needed to step up it’s game oh so slightly…so I went right to my go to solve without even a blink…I painted the tops gold.

Not too rustic…Not too fancy….

Just Right,