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It’s 127 time…Show & Tell Day One

Can you believe it…it’s that time of year again. The days are long, the weather is warm and the 127 is on!

If you aren’t familiar with what the 127 is I will quickly get you up to speed…it is the World’s Longest Yard Sale! Yes you heard it right…it is held the first week of August , it’s on rural route 127, it runs from Alabama through Michigan and it’s 690 miles long!

Whenever I share my enthusiasm of this epic adventure I get one of the following two responses…Oh wow that sounds AMAZING, what’s it like? or eww!  I get more wows that ewws but I get it, treasure hunting isn’t for everyone! So for those who are curious instead of a photo recap of this year’s trip I decided to do my 127 Show & Tell video style…

One rental mini van, three days, four states and 961 miles and this is how it went down…

Day One…Signal Mountain, TN to Crossville, TN



Check out tomorrow for day two’s clips from the road!


How I Roll

how i rollhow i roll two

last but not least…

This is my final report out from the epic 2015 longest yard sale. This was by far one of if not my best finds from this year’s treasure hunt!

Roller skates have been on my must get list for the past few years. I have gone back and forth on should I buy new or wait for the perfect pair of old school skates…and here is a perfect example of the age-old quote “good things come to those who wait”. And if good things mean super fab throw back sneaker skates that is ohhh sooo true! These wheels came home with me for an honest $5!!!

As a bonus track which was something I have never seen…businessman skates.

Until next year,